Business Cycle

Parent stock (PS) is imported from Europe and housed in high-hygiene, closed-system PS farms operated by BR. The latest farms are climatecontrolled for even higher levels of protection and efficiency.

PS eggs are hatched in BR’s hatchery and the resulting day-old chicks go to more than 800 commercial farms operated by farmers under exclusive contracts with BR. All commercial farms are closed-system operations that ensure BR’s ducks have no contact with wild birds, with controls that minimise the risk of AI and other diseases. BR maintains a quality control team that visits commercial farms regularly to ensure quality standards are maintained.

BR operates a feedmill that supplies feed to the PS and commercial farms, as well as to outside customers, as necessary, to maintain an optimum level of capacity utilisation. BR feed formulations are based on the best agronomic and animal husbandry practices to ensure optimal growth, health and immunity to disease.

After approximately eight weeks, BR purchases ducks from the contract farmers at a pre-determined price and transports the ducks to its slaughterhouse.

BR processes the ducks into the various forms preferred by the domestic and export markets.

Duck meat for the domestic market is sold raw or cooked, chilled or frozen, through various channels, including poultry wholesalers and supermarket chains.

Duck meat for export is cooked in a variety of ways: roasted, smoked, steamed, boiled, and fried. The EU is the main export market, principally Chinese restaurants and supermarket chains in the UK and Germany.

BR sells cooked products for export under three brands: Dalee, Dalee Red, and Duck Delight, as well as under wholesaler and supermarket own-labels. The AI outbreak of 2004 resulted in a significant shift in the BR product mix, with the share of cooked products rising significantly due to restrictions on the import of uncooked duck meat into the EU.

This trend has continued as exports have grown and BR has consolidated its position in its various markets.

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