Duck-To Holding

Duck-To Holding BV (DTH) founded in 1963 in Ermelo, The Netherlands, by the Tomassen family. After a period during which it was acquired by a Private Equity Group, Mr. Tomassen Jr. bought back into the Group in 2006 backed by Rabo Private Equity. In August 2007 Bangkok Ranch acquired DTH, and its shareholders reinvested the proceeds, plus an additional amount, to become substantial shareholders in the Group, effectively merging the companies. 

DTH produces frozen whole duck for various markets in Europe – primarily The Netherlands, Germany and Benelux although it has an expanding network in Northern and Southern Europe. DTH operates one of the most efficient and automated factories in the industry. Like Bangkok Ranch (BR), DTH sources Parent Stock from the world’s finest breeders and produces superior quality products for its customers, who primarily supply Chinese Restaurants in its various markets. It has its own distribution fleet to ensure its products quality is maintained when distributed to its customers who are mainly in the Benelux, France, Germany and Southern Europe; post acquisition the rest of the BR Group will take advantage of this distribution capability to increase margins and sales of its cooked duck products.

The DTH Business Cycle is similar to that for Bangkok Ranch with the following exceptions:

  • Parent Stock are reared on the Company’s Farms for a period of 18 weeks and then transferred to specially selected third party Parent Stock Farms for their breeding and laying periods, eggs are the re[purchased by the company and an agree price
  • DTH does not own a feedmill but purchases feed at market rates from several suppliers in the well-established network in Europe.

The Management Team at DTH is unchanged since the Acquisition and Mr. Gertjan Tomassen continues to lead local operations with his team.