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Duck products for restaurants

We supply fresh, frozen and convenience duck products in different types, brands and packaging.

Raw duck (and duck portions like fillets and drumsticks) for restaurants in which chefs use them in their own recipes.
For example, a whole duck, a half duck and duck portions.

Pre-cooked products for the fast preparation of meals by food service chains, such as roast duck and smoked duck meat.
Brands: Dalee (smoked and roasted) and Duck-To smull.

Ready-made consumer products for supermarkets and retail outlets, such as roasted, crispy whole duck, aromatic duck with pancakes and hoisin sauce, duck drumsticks in orange sauce and sweet chilli sauce.


The Asian wholesale market is an important market for Bangkok Ranch Group. We have no hesitation in saying that Bangkok Ranch Group has a very good reputation in this market throughout the world. Bangkok Ranch Group processes approximately 21,000,000 ducks each year.

Clients of Bangkok Ranch Group usually remain loyal customers in the long term. The terms mentioned above are also reflected in the products offered: respect for the bird/Peking duck, some traditional products, made from Peking duck, and always a trusted and consistent level of quality.

Bangkok Ranch PLC.

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